IBM Concert with TM1, 21-22 October 2014 An introduction to IBM Concert. The cloud deployable solution for performance management processes. This one day workshop will introduce basic and intermediate level knowledge to construct Personalized tasks lists, Collaboration (e.g.: chats, polls, etc.), Create Boards and Tiles to monitor Metrics, and integrate content from Cognos BI and TM1 for use in tasks created and assigned. The workshop will cover demos and hand-on exercises.

Agenda: – Introduction to IBM Concert – IBM Concert fundamentals – Exposing of Cognos BI , TM1 and other Forecasting and Planning components for Process management. – Architecture & administration

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IBM Mobile First, 30 October 2014 IBM MobileFirst offers you true end-to-end mobile solutions. Some providers specialize in service offerings; some focus on platform and application development; some offer only mobile security; while others focus just on mobile device management. We bring it all. During this Workshop / briefing, we will discuss the various mobile first offerings around subjects such as development, testing, security and analytics. You will be able do a hands on lab on IBM Worklight where you will develop and test a multi-platform sample hybrid application. The instructor will then show some life demos for our SaaS oriented products offerings.

Agenda: – Worklight overview plus hands on labs – Develop a Worklight Hybrid application – Manage and distribute your application – Implement application security

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IBM Smart Big Data, 25-26 November 2014 An introduction to IBM’s Big Data platform providing an interactive overview of the features and uses of Hadoop with IBM Infosphere BigInsights, analyzing data in motion with IBM Infosphere Streams and provide federated discovery, navigation and search using Watson Explorer, all illustrated with hand-on exercises, client references, use cases and demos. Big Data represents a new and fast growing era in data exploration and utilization. IBM’s Big Data platform addresses key customer enterprise data requirements and provides a robust platform for analyzing and gaining insight from terabytes and zetabytes of varying data structures, including unstructured formats and the movement of data at high velocities from systems and sensors. As part of this workshop the attendees will explore IBM’s Big Data platform, commencing with Hadoop and a selection of it’s related projects before advancing to the enterprise Hadoop features provided by IBM InfoSphere BigInsights, real-time data in motion with Infosphere Streams and data discovery using Watson Explorer. Content is delivered via presentations and hands-on lab exercises.

Agenda: – Introduction to Big Data – Hadoop fundamentals – Beyond Hadoop with Infosphere BigInsights – BigInsights tooling with BigSheets & TextAnalytics – Big SQL – Infosphere Streams fundamentals – architecture – administration and application development – Watson Explorer introduction and leverage

Registration: http://www-304.ibm.com/events/idr/idrevents/register.action?meid=10980&ieid=12329

For Contact: Irmak Erkan IIC Coordinator, Ecosystem Development

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